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(最高200W,坚引力1kgf ·cm, 最大6700rpm),检测设备的防水系统属于caikon公司保有的技术,而且可检查所有类型排水管内部的问题。








-卤素强照明灯20W(35W)- 2pcs,LED灯

1W -4pcs

They are inspection crawler systems for sewer pipelines. They are famous in many ways.

First of all, they are strong enough to inspect in any tough circumstances.

They are equipped with Swiss-made motor having of rated torque and 6700rpm of

highest rotating speed.

They are produced with advanced technology.

They are all waterproof through internal pressure processing by injecting dry nitrogen gas.

Also, the waterproof PAN/TILT camera head enables you to inspect perfectly every abnormality

in the pipeline because it can rotate to 360 degree and move up and down to 240 degree.

Furthermore, the lifter moves up and down electrically as well as manually.

A camera head in most motorized crawler systems cannot move up and down manually.

If you push it down, its lifter would come to break down. In a working situation,

a worker usually wants to push them down manually to move it.

So, Robocam Series are very convenient and safe in a working condition.

In addition, CCK series are energy saving systems so that they need just a 1kw

power generator. Also, they are the total solution systems that can conveniently

prepare the report through recording of all search contents in digital system

and through SICAS 2000, a specialized program to search the pipeline

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